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Sleep Advice: Trouble Sleeping Still?

Ok so now you have the mattress of your dreams and the perfect pillow and you still can’t get a good night’s sleep.

Below We Cover Sleep Tips for the following:
Sleep Tips For The Soul >
Helpful Sleep Accessories >
Our Top 10 Sleep Habits >

Sleep Tips For the Soul

The Secret To Sleeping: Be Satisfied At The End Of The Day No Matter What And Be Appreciative Of Whatever You Have In Life.
No matter what your life situation is there is always someone who is worse off than yourself. There is always someone who wishes their life would be as good as the next fellow. I can tell you from speaking to people across the country, no matter how rich or poor, no matter how tall or short, no matter how athletic or unathletic, no matter how intelligent or less intelligent, no matter how healthy or not healthy each person in life feels they have challenges and stresses during the day that are difficult to manage. I can also tell you that the happiest people I have encountered are the ones that are satisfied and appreciative of wherever they are in life.

Now some readers may find this concept a little hokey but I believe this is the truth. No matter what, at the end of the day be satisfied. During the day be fearless on attaining any life goal you have whether it is getting that promotion, leaving your job for a better one, starting your own business, doing charity work, being the best parent or grandparent....Try to accomplish whatever it is that you feel will make you happier. Even a sports team can be satisfied in a loss as long as they know they gave it everything they had, they can still find achievements and positives in a loss. Whatever it is fight like hell during the day to achieve it!

But at night when you go home put the days events to rest and close your eyes and take in every positive experience that you have and be satisfied. The night is for Recovering and the day is for Accomplishing your daily tasks and goals. Think of what you have already accomplished in life no matter how insignificant you may think it is and take in those thoughts and clear your mind. Separate the accompishing part of the day from your recovering time at night.

Helpful Sleep Accessories


Angle Sleepers: People who Like Sleeping on an Angle when laying on their stomach
A great accesory for these types of sleepers would be a memory foam pillow. Whether you would get a high pillow or medium feel or plush feel memory foam pillow will depend on your height and weight. The user should pick a pillow that does not contort your body into an uncomfotable position. Angle sleepers can use these pillows to help prop up the body parts that they enjoy keeping raised. Whether it is their shoulder, hip, leg or all three, there is a memory pillow that will work well for you.

For Back and Stomach sleepers: The most popular pillows in our store are the Non ergonomic memory foam pillows. We believe People tend to discount the ergonomic pillows because of mainly their odd shape. But in our opinion these pillows may be one of the best pillows that people are overlooking. Why? because they are generally thinner and smaller which allows the user to manipulate the shape better by being able to fold the pillow in different positions. The full size pillows are harder to manipulate when trying to sculpt the perfect sleep position. When buying memory foam pillows in our store we recommend for customers to buy one at a time as they are fairly expensive. Again most people order the full size but I believe many of them are missing out on the positive attributes of the ergonomic pillow.


Adjustable beds with the massage feature:

Why this is a great choice for all age groups and why will an adjustable bed help you fall asleep?
Many customers do not consider the adjustable beds because when they first came out they were marketed to the older population and people who are younger kind of felt it was not a product that they would need. The main reason that they were marketed to the older audience is that the older population that the adjustable bed companies were targeting were in fact people who did indeed need it. As they may of been people who laid in bed more and did more reading type activities in their bed. There may have been some people who enjoyed how the mattress moved up in an incline and got them in a sitting up position to help them get out of bed.

But I have to tell you, I actually own one. And yes we do like watching a late movie here and there and reading with our head and foot raised by the adjustable base. But our favorite Feature of this product is the Massage and we use it every night and we it set to last 30 minutes before we go to sleep. The massage feature is not like a traditional massage but more like a quiet pulsating vibration. Most adjustable beds that offer a massage feature have several levels of intensity to choose from. Why do we like it? Well when I was a child, I think I was the easiest kid for a parent to take on long trips with. Because no matter what mood I was in or how hyper I was the vibrations of a car drive would win by putting me to sleep. Speaking with many people and customers with babies and toddlers I have learned sometimes if their child can.t sleep they'll even take their child for a car ride around the neigborhood and the motion of the ride will help put their child to sleep.
Why the vibration works for adults as well I am not sure I can only tell you what my personal experience is and some of our customers reasonings. The vibration helps change the frame of mind. Even though when we are in bed and tired our minds may still be locked on the days earlier events or tomorrows future tasks and challenges. The physical vibrations of the adjustable bed can help distract the user from the mental thoughts that may be racing through their mind keeping them up at night. As a result the user will attain a deeper state of relaxation that will trip the user into finally falling into a deep sleep.

We also find the vibrations help with minor aches and pains that may keep a person up as well at night.

In addition we have many customers who have nasal issues or breathing issues at night and we have been told that sleeping with a bed on an incline may help with their ability to properly breathe while sleeping.


Our Top 10 Sleep Tips

  1. Try not to eat three hours before you go to sleep, it is well documented that eating food late at night will stimulate your body which is not what you want to do before you sleep.
  2. Cut back on the caffeine intake during the day. At night the caffeine intake will catch up on you making it difficult to sleep.
  3. Drink more water than sugar or products with artificial sweetners in it during the day. The chemicals in all of those sugar and low calorie drinks will contribute to sleeping problems at night.
  4. Try to eat as healthy as you can during the day....If you put bad gas in a car the car will not perform efficiently. Same thing is with eating, you'll be amazed at how much better you'll feel and how much easier it is to sleep if you make an effort to eat healthier
  5. Don't play video games two hours before you sleep. Again this is known to give adults and children a wired effect making it difficult to fall asleep.
  6. Stretch for at least 10 minutes a day. As we get older our muscles are getting tighter contributing to minor aches and pains we all get. You will be surprised at how many of your aches dissapear after stretching regularly helping you to sleep better at night.
  7. Exercise but do not exercise three hours before you go to bed as this may stimulate your body making it difficult to sleep.
  8. This is the most difficult one for me...Do not fall asleep with the tv on. Many studies show that having a tv on before going to bed for starters will make it more difficult for you to fall asleep. In addition many studies show that to achieve REM sleep which is the highest state of rest, a person should be sleeping in the darkest quitest room. Achieving a deep Rem Sleep is critical to everyones health as our muscles and organs attain the highest level of recovery during REM sleep. Studies show that the light and sound produced by your average television may prevent you from reaching REM sleep. If you must have the tv on, than please use a timer, many tv's come with a sleep feature that will shut off the tv after a set time that you can program. If there is no timer feature you can buy a timer from a local hardware store that will shut the tv off.
  9. This may be unncessary for most readers but keep your bedroom clean, uncluttered and organized. You want your bedroom to feel like an oasis. Your own little paradise, decorate it in a way that will give you a positive vibe when it is time to go to sleep.
  10. Grandma's Tip: My Grandmother Anita loved giving advice and one of the more memorable tips she gave me was after a long stressful day to take a long hot bath to get relaxed and to separate the days events from the evening. I find that when I personally have trouble sleeping that this helps the most.

Well that’s it for now. If any customers want to add a suggestion to the list please email us with it.


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